Today, in the dynamic business environment in order to not only stay afloat in a competitive environment, but also to reach new heights in their career or business must develop and evolve constantly.

People who want to achieve a lot in life, realize that investing in yourself always pay off, according to media not save time and create certain conditions for their development. These people take part in the workshops and seminars.

Seminars and trainings "Uniway Consulting Group" as developed for CEOs, managers of all levels of government, and for young professionals. They used to purchase advanced students and relevant knowledge and skills, improve professional and personal qualities necessary for successful and effective management in a dynamic and competitive business environment. The new information products of "Uniway Consulting Group" aimed at attracting international funding, the rapid development of innovative companies and the commercialization of scientific argument, innovative products of your company on national and European markets.

Realizing received in "Uniway Consulting Group" knowledge in practice, to boost its competitiveness, as well as always be one step ahead of industrial dynamic, innovative business environment!

The new training for managers of SMEs Ukraine

Training "Preparation of proposals for SMEs in the program" Horizon 2020 ", Kyiv

 The training seminar "Preparation of project proposals for SMEs in the program" Horizon 2020 " will help our participants to develop practical skills in depth:

  • ► work with the Portal Horizon 2020 program;
  • ► involvement of irrecoverable grant funds for innovative development company;
  • ► the formation of the idea of the proposal;
  • ► partnership and consortium;
  • ► writing project proposals;
  • ► preparation of organizational forms and annexes to the proposal;
  • ► self-prepared project proposals;
  • ► submission of proposals to the competition;
  • ► open discussion of exercises each team.
  • ► Practical exercises for participants built on a typical project application for SMEs Horizon 2020 program.
  • ► It also provides information support on competitive topics, rules of engagement and so on. Horizon 2020 program.