The priority of the modern European country is developing to innovative type of economy, as the creation and implementation of innovation and innovation is extremely important for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), research and educational organizations of Ukraine. The program Horizon 2020 funding innovative projects of companies and organizations of Ukraine and the European Union.

Company "Uniway Consulting - Group" helps to raise funds and manage innovative projects Horizon 2020 program.

Services of "Uniway Consulting - Group":

  1. 1. The technology audit. Survey of innovation, design ideas. Estimation of the potential of innovation and commercialization of technological developments and project ideas for commercialization in the markets of Ukraine and Europe.
  2. 2. The technological Marketing. Research and analysis of potential European and international market segments for the development and commercialization of innovative project ideas.
  3. 3. The strategic audit. Assessing the needs of our customers. Assessment of consumer needs of our clients. Assessment of the current status of our customers and their consumers.
  4. 4. The evaluation of innovative competence of personnel.
  5. 5. The assessment of strategies to protect intellectual property innovation and design ideas.
  6. 6. Consulting support:

- The development of strategic development plans;
- The development of strategies for development and commercialization of innovative project ideas;
- Identify opportunities for our customers to meet the needs of its customers and society with the use of non-repayable grants funding under Horizon 2020 program;
- Selection of effective mechanisms for development and commercialization of innovative project ideas by attracting European grants, venture capital cover technical and market risks of credit with lower interest rates;
- The development of strategies for protecting intellectual property innovation and design ideas;
- Search of partners and forming a consortium of innovative projects;
- Writing of project applications for non-repayable funding under Horizon 2020 grant program;
- Preparation of feasibility studies and business plans;
- Building a model of innovation competence of personnel;
- Creation and development of start-up, spin-off, spin-out companies.

  1. 7. Training - training seminars and open corporate aimed at developing skills to attract funds into the company to commercialize innovation, project ideas, find partners and forming a consortium of communications preparation of project proposals writing project proposals, preparation of organizational forms and applications to the Application Form , self proposals for Horizon 2020 program.
  2. 8. Project Management program Horizon 2020. Forming a team of project management. Provision of services for coordination and management of the project. Preparation of reports, meetings and talks etc.