The company "Uniway Consulting Group", As a leader in business education, to developing and implementation of corporate training for a number of companies in 2012-2016 conducted a series of activities:

 Training seminar on attracting non-repayable funding to small and medium-sized businesses, the April 12, 2016 and the June 21, 2016

The company "Uniway Consulting Group" in cooperation with "Agency for European innovation" continues to develop competence management organizations in Ukraine to attract non-repayable funding under preparation and management of innovation projects Horizon 2020 program. The second training - seminar was improved compared to the first training -seminarom, which was April 12, 2016, which gave a total reduction of consideration of information and increase the time for consideration of practical issues and consulting service into account the individual characteristics of each project ideas posed by participants of the training - seminar.

We thank all our members training - seminar materials sent in advance their project ideas of organizations that made it possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the second training - seminar.

Participants of the second workshop - the workshop were representatives of organizations, Lviv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Kyiv and Kyiv region. It's very good-natured, sensitive and funny. The training seminar was held in good-natured and fun atmosphere!

Work on practical and situational tasks carried out in teams:

The active discussion and process the results of teamwork:

The program included training seminar duty interactive presentations, team work and joint brainstorming with our trainer - consultants:

And so many practical points was during these brainstorming over which was something to think about:


At the end of a busy day busy " brainstorming " and practical tasks participants training seminar held to discuss the results, future work opportunities, creating and writing successful joint projects in the Horizon 2020 program and other international funds.

Issuance of Certificate of training - seminar

And the whole team working in the collection:

Training Seminar conducted: Nikitin Yuri, Kulchytsky Ivan, Melnik Marina.

The organization held training in the center of Kyiv - hotel«Kozatskiy».

The next training workshop to be conducted in mid of November

The contact person - Melnik Marina

Looking forward to meeting you yet!