Profile company:

The company “Uniway consulting group” provide consultancy service for Managing Open Innovation for European and Ukrainian SMEs and consultancy support their activities in the preparation of project proposals to programme Horizon 2020 including the project management.

"Uniway Consulting Group" in the work takes into consideration that the market and business rules change promptly and have needs use the tools of fast reaction to changes of market situations and growth of uncertainty in the dynamic business environment for SMEs.

Approaches of our work is based on substantiation of prospects and use of scientific and technical and organizational-economic innovations for SME business development.

The objectives of the company:

  • ► Raising finance for innovation projects of SMEs and organizations in Ukraine and Europe, using the tools of the program Horizon 2020 and InnovFin;
  • ► Creating a sustainable infrastructure consulting services to accelerate the development of European and Ukrainian organizations, small and medium enterprises through the use of innovative processes of open innovation 1 and 2.
  • ► Development of strategic plans for development organizations, SMEs, cities and regions of Ukraine and Europe.
  • ► Develop and conduct training to enhance competence of top managers and managers in the preparation of innovative projects.

Participation in the events:

  • ►The meeting and talks about cooperation with «Hitech office Ukraine» at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, 16,09.2016;
  • ► The conference «Research and Innovation strategies for Smart Specialisation» 15 September 2016, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev;
  • ► The workshop «Research cooperation between Joint Research Centre and Ukraine», September 14, 2016, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev;
  • ► The workshop InnovFin Seminar - "Supporting Innovation in Ukraine" September 13, 2016, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Kiev;
  • ► The opening of "Hi-Tech office Ukraine", 27 July 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Kiev;
  • ►The workshop «Essential viewing for Horizon 2020 successful implementation», 06.05.2016, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kiev;
  • ► The workshop to attract grant funding for the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises "Development of innovative projects through the program Horizon 2020», 27.04.2016, HUB4.0, Kiev;
  • ► The forum CDRF Global International «Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program Technopreneurship Forum», 08.04.2016, iHUB, Kiev;
  • ► The scientific and methodological seminar "Alternative concepts, models, governance mechanisms in crisis and post-crisis economic development," Pact to promote stability and economic growth in Ukraine ", 11 December 2015. National Academy of State Administration, Kiev;
  • ► The International Symposium "Interaction between governments and national scientific societies with international organizations on the development and use of scientific knowledge specialists", Institute of Demography and Social Studies. M.V.Ptuhi NAS October 20 2015, Kiev.;
  • ► Conference NANOMAT-EPC Brokerage event, October 6, 2015, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv;
  • ► 4th International scientific-technical conference "Information systems and technologies IST-2015" 21-27 September 2015, Mr .. Kharkov;
  • ► Info Day Horizon 2020 Eastern Partnership (EaP) (East-Partnership). Research and innovation in the field of information and communication technologies. Tbilisi National University. Ivan Javakhishvili, 10-11.09.2015, Tbilisi, Georgia;
  • ► The meeting of the Cluster EAST-HORIZON projects (East-HORIZON) and EECA-2-the HORIZON (European Union - Western Europe and Central Asia-2-HORIZON). Georgian Technical University, 08-09.09.2015 Tbilisi, Georgia;
  • ► The meeting of representatives of institutions of NASU on the implementation of the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU and participation of NAS institutions in the program "Horizon 2020", 11.06.2015, Kiev;
  • ►The meeting with the director of European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (EUROTEX), 05.03.2015, Kiev;
  • ► The workshop on the Enterprise Europe Network, 26 .02.2015, Kiev.


2015-2014 «International Development Norway» The project "Ukraine Initiative Innovation Norway networks" carried out:
→The consulting support to creation sustainable infrastructure consulting services on economic transformation through innovative development;
→The consulting support the commercialization of innovative products and technology institutes of the National Academy of Sciences and universities in Ukraine
2013-2014 The World bank
The World Bank, Project ID: P095337 "Corporate development and capacity building utilities Ukraine".
→The development of strategic and business development plans;
→The development and training of personnel competence increase.
2012-2014 The European Commission  The European Commission, the project FP 7 295 003 agreement
→ Support the integration process between Ukraine and the EU in the field of science;
→ Consulting for preparation of new projects;
→mentoring activities